Miniature Railroad Club of York




The Miniature Railroad Club of York was organized November 29th, 1943 and incorporated in 1948. The club was originally located on East Clark Avenue and modeled OO gauge trains. Conversion to HO gauge began in November of 1945. Our first show open to the public was held in January of 1946. In 1955 our present building was constructed, and was expanded in 1966. The building is currently 30 feet by 90 feet. We are fortunate enough to own one of the few buildings ever built solely to house a model railroad display. In April 2009, the club voted to convert from the current DC system to Digital Command Control (NCE) and is in use today.  In March 2015, the club started a redesign project which involved tearing out the entire back half of the layout and rebuilding it with an all new design.  This project is expected to keep us busy for the next few years in order to completely finish the redesign.  This certainly gives our visitors something to look forward to with every new visit to the club.